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Article: Jewellery Trends 2024: Enamel Beaded Chains

Jewellery Trends 2024: Enamel Beaded Chains

Jewellery Trends 2024: Enamel Beaded Chains


Enamel jewellery refers to jewellery pieces that incorporate the art of applying coloured powdered glass onto metal, which is then fired at high temperatures to fuse the enamel to the metal surface. This technique has been used for centuries to create decorative and colourful designs on various types of jewellery. Enamel jewellery can feature intricate designs, vibrant colours, and a glossy finish that adds depth and beauty to the piece.

Historically, enamel has been used in jewellery-making since ancient times, particularly in regions like Egypt, Greece, and the Byzantine Empire. It experienced significant popularity during the Renaissance and continues to be cherished for its artistic appeal and durability.


  • Multicoloured enamel chains

Summer is all about seeing the rainbow. Vibrant jewellery is a fun way to bring more interest to any outfit this summer. Try layering different coloured pieces to maximize your look.

These chains have a sniff of the summer, featuring a silver chain with a refreshing array of multicoloured enamel beads in a rainbow blend. Wildly popular and ever youthful, the rainbow chains come in 18- and 20-inch necklaces for the stacked effect, and in bracelets and anklets too. Worn alone or with other enamel beads from the Summer Vibrance collection, they will add a bright touch of summer to your day.

  • Blue enamel chains

The blue enamel chains also have a summery vibe, with an emphasis on the sparkle of silver jewellery and the exhilarating sky-blue colour that reminds you of the sea. Featuring a dainty silver chain and small silver balls dotted along the necklace, its prominent feature is the blue enamel beads all along the chain, which gives the necklace sophistication, as well as a youthful touch. They come in 18-ich necklaces, and in bracelets too, and can be worn stacked or alone, but will always add a sea-breeze to your day.

Lynora Jewellery Anklet Sterling Silver / Blue Enamel Beaded Enamel Blue Chain Anklet

  • Double row Enamel chains

This summer, enamel jewellery is proving its popularity yet again, brightening up our arms, wrists and fingers with bold pops of colour. 

Bold and vibrant, the double row chains stand out and take the stage in any outfit. They come in 18-inch necklaces and in 7-inch bracelets and feature the enamel beads wrapped around the links, blending the silver metal and the summer colours beautifully. They come in peach, for the feminine touch and the summer pastel coloured effect, and in scarlet, for the adventurous, bold and passionate effect.


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