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Each and every one of us is a designer. Everyone an artist. The person we are now is our masterpiece. That’s why our quest for beauty, perfection and originality is everlasting.

As visual beings who seek genuine connections, we try to explain who we are through our clothes, haircut, makeup and jewellery. While we try to empower ourselves through our appearance, there are myriads of fashion brands who tell us who we should be in order to be beautiful and what we should change to achieve perfection.  

Lynora jewellery was made around the idea that in order to be perfect, you don’t need to be anything other than yourself. That has been the guiding principle of our work for over two decades.

Finding out who you are is hard, but showing who you are to the world is even harder sometimes.
Our jewellery is designed to empower women to be themselves and allow them to express how they feel – be it quirky, sensual, grungy, feminine, minimal, moody, pensive, courageous or confident. 

“The greatest beauty of all is being yourself. Unapologetically.”


We are a family run business that have been suppliers to the jewellery industry for over 30 years, selling to many of the major jewellery chains as well as a wide range of independent jewellers as well. 

We currently only use diamond simulants that have been lab grown and developed. These are generally highest grade cubic zirconia. Future projects will include launching lab grown diamond products as well. We will not sell mined diamonds.
All pieces are designed in London in conjunction with our partner factories across the world. Whilst many pieces are classics we will always look to add a Lynora twist.