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Ethically Sourced Alternative Diamonds

Our planet means the world to us and at Lynora, we only provide our customers with our very best signature diamond alternatives, sustainably sourced and ethically produced.

Our stones are beautifully made, grown in strict lab conditions using state-of-the-art technology. Lab conditions, enable us to produce stones that are flawless to the naked, untrained eye and colourless. In fact, our simulated diamonds have higher light dispersion than diamonds. 

Hand-selected Stones

We carefully select each stone so that we only use the very best lab grown diamond alternatives in our jewellery. With exceptional sparkle, all of our stones shimmer with incredible fire and brilliance.

As we do not mine our stones, we are the sustainable choice. Rest assured, our jewellery only uses conflict-free simulated-diamonds. Additionally, our jewellery is always superb value. When you wear Lynora, you own a stunning piece of jewellery bound to turn heads while having peace of mind that you’ve made a responsible decision.

All our lab created diamond alternative stones are premium quality grade cubic zirconia, colourless, with a similar appearance to a D-grade diamond.


The Lynora Promise

This is just the start of our sustainable and ethical journey, and as part of our promise we will continue to look at all aspects of the way we work to ensure we are carbon neutral by 2023. Look out for our lab grown diamonds in 2022 as we look to bring you new collections and alternatives at