What is Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is a diamond simulant designed to look and sparkle just like a pure and natural diamond. They originate in Zirconium dioxide crystalline powder and are manufactured in laboratories across the globe. They are refined by reforming, cutting, and polishing it into a beautiful diamond look-alike. 

When Cubic Zirconia was discovered in 1937 it was intended for industrial use, but when people recognized its astonishing similarity to diamonds, it entered the jewellery market and has been one of the best and most accurate alternatives for diamonds. By mid-1980’s, more than 50 million carats of cubic zirconia were being used in fashion jewellery.

Cubic zirconia stones are extremely popular now due to their abundance and brilliance. CZs are as radiant and as attractive as true diamonds and are now the major competitors of pure diamond sales.

A piece of jewellery inset with Cubic Zirconia gems makes the perfect present for Easter, or for any other special occasion. Let your loved ones sparkle.